Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Do You Like Food Cause I Like Food...

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Hola everyone! I'm feeling pretty excited cause in about 2 1/2 hours I will settling down to watch the Phillies smash LA! Sorry Dodgers fans but you guys are going down! It's gonna be a crazy night in the city so I think i'm taking the chill route and bellying up to a local bar near my apartment to watch it all.

So guess what? Friday night boy cancelled on me? He said that had plans to meet up with his Mom and it wasn't definite but she called to say she couldn't anytime over the weekend... WTF? Seems kinda weird to me and I can't really tell if that was the truth or not but to keep it all the way funky I was sorta relieved... I know I should just get the 1st date over with but they always bug me and make me so nervous. We'll see if we end up actually having a date after this. So my search for a cute/nice/honest boy continues. I opened my POF account a little bit ago and found this precious gem just waiting for a response...

"Hey the subject is the head of the question. How do you feel about food? Do you like food cause i like food. We can share or i can buy you your own. We can talk about anything from what we learn today or what we dislike about the human race. If your into a guy who wants to make you laugh or cry msg me back."

Well at least he offered to buy me dinner right? Why am I looking for a guy who makes me cry?? That's the reason i'm on here because every guy makes me cry! Haha I do like talking about what I dislike in the human race though. Hmmppff I know it's sin to make fun of someone who is just searching for love but what on earth???


  1. That little punk! I can't believe he cancelled!

    Seriously, what the hell is wrong with the guy that wants to make you cry?! He isn't making much sense...

  2. You will find the right guy! I promise.

  3. Whoa there missy, Maybe his mom was ill, or maybe he had to go assist a drunk uncle that has delusions his dog ran away; when in fact, his dog died years ago. On the plus side for boy- he eats food, so therefore is not a robot. Presumably, of course; that there does not already exist a technology for robots to mimic the consumption of food. But I am going to bet on the side that he is not a robot. Then again, his offer for "food" is very vague. Like saying, "I like sports, do you like sports. Let's do sports!" Oh GOD, that is precisely what a robot would say. STAY CLEAR, HE IS A ROBOT. Oh Friday-night-robot-boy you made my day.


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