Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rachel vs. Textual Harassment...

Ahh yes textual harassement a term I am much familiar and up until a few minutes ago I believed that I invented the term!! So you can imagine my surprise when I opened my email and found this from Modern Tonic.

All of us (fine, some of us) have — at one hungover point or another — scrolled through our text message log after a Lohan-grade bender and shuddered at the walking we let our fingers do the night before. textsfromlastnight.com will, if nothing else, console you with the fact that everyone else is just as big a drunken mess as you (fine, we) are.The site, updated daily, trades in chemically influenced text speak, culling content from visitors who post their textual harassments once sleep/Motrin/greasy hash browns have recalibrated their perspective enough to find their own foibles as hilarious as complete strangers will. To wit:

"(607): I think someone spiked my drink last night. .. Like all 20 of them."

"(847): just woke up. wallet empty. bottle empty. tattoo in pen on my arm. smell like bad sex. woke up alone. and wall-e is playing on my computer. need answers."

"(409): Dude ! Why is there vomit with whole pieces of sushi in the shower when the toilet is not more than 2 feet away ? btw you need to chew your food better,"

"(440): The ticket read 'Found nude in a tree'"

The area code posted with each entry might prompt a search for some local schadenfreude, but you won’t be able to decipher if it’s one of your friends hitting rock bottom. And that's for the best since textsfromlastnight.com is really just a harmless good time. Consider it an antidote to Twitter: totally anonymous, actually interesting and some of its users occasionally get laid.

Whelp here is another website I am now obsessed with. Not only for the fact that you can find such gems like:
(810): Jon just got arrested by the quesadilla police

(616): What?!?

(810): What I actually meant, is I had a quesadilla, and Jon got arrested by the real police


(630): do you know how bad I want you right now?

(1-630): As bad as i want you to stop texting me?

(630): is that a hint?

... but also because I finally have somewhere to put all my texts from the weekend. Like the time I made plans to get margaritas with a different person everyday of the week (I don't even like margaritas really and didn't remember doing this until people actually tried to go) or when I texted Lord Voldemort that I could be his friend but I didn't actually like him and hoped his penis turned black and fell off. Yes such sweet gems deserve to be re-read throughout history! I still will be taking credit for the term textual harassment however.


  1. Drunk texting should be banned! I kinda love the way you call your ex Lord Voldemort...soo harry potter. =)

  2. OMG! This is hilarious. Drunk texting is definitely very bad!!


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