Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Giggle For Your Thursday...

Umm well you might change that to a WTF and wet your pants a lil' Thursday. I was just wandering around YouTubeland and found this fabulous cooking how-to video. It's called "Cooking With Dog" and stars Francis a gray toy poodle and an unidentified woman who does all the cooking. What the hell??? I just sat there and watched the whole thing with an awed look on my face because it's pure genius. Several things come to my mind...

1st - What does the dog have to do with anything and why does he have a semi-French accent when his owner/pimp/genius is obviously Asian?

2nd - Umm beans and and a ton of sugar really go together? The whole thing looks super gross but have any of you had this before?? Am I missing out on Taiyaki??

3rd - Where can I get an iron like that because I want fish-shaped pancakes and waffles stat!

If you enjoyed this video then please stay tuned because ole' Francis has got more of them and I will keep them coming!


  1. All righty then...that was interesting. I think I had a couple WTF moments. Keep 'em coming :)

  2. that was very gud read mine ive only jst started using this im only 12 haha but its gd !! xx lol

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  4. food looks good i am going to cook it


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