Friday, July 31, 2009

Dream A Little Dream...

*Update* The Lord Voldemort i'm referring to in the dream is actually my ex (a nickname my loving girlfriends gave him). I didn't actually have a dream that I called Harry Potter's nemesis to come be with me at the end of the world:0)

I have been having a hectic week in the dream department. They aren't all really nightmares so much as I think my brain trying to tell me something? I am a pisces through and through because I am a super dreamy person, I mean i'll probably stop 2 or 3 times while writing this post just to daydream about something totally unrelated. I really do believe that dreams can be a way for your subconscious to work stuff out and tell you things you wouldn't realize while you are awake (or maybe not want to realize).

I just thought i'd share one with you and see what you think...

I'm at my Mom's house and we see on tv that a huge snow storm is coming and the world is ending... creepy right? I look at my Mom and she is all serious that she believes it so we all start getting upset. I am calling everyone I love so we can all be together for the end because that's what anyone would want right? Well I call Lord Voldemort and all he can say is "Oh bye" and we hang up. It starts to snow really hard and that my dream ends with me just being really upset because he couldn't be bothered to get off his ass and spend the end of the world with me?!

I don't think I need to pull out a Ouija board and contact Freud to figure out what that one means! Yikes that dream stuck with me all week. Any thoughts?

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*Little side note* I have been trying to find a place to get pretty pics for my posts because I do hate to do a random google search and not give credit where credit is due. So I was on one my favorite blogs today Miss Elizabeth Marie's It's Unbeweavable and she always has really pretty and lovely pics. I noticed that she had underneath them and I checked it out and i'm in love! Go check out her blog and that site if you have a minute you'll love it too.


  1. hahaha, lord voldemort. i'm no dream expert but maybe lord voldie represents some guy you dated that didn't put you high enough up on his list of priorities? no? so creepy that you had a "world is ending" dream though because i had one of those last night & a couple weeks ago! but in mine the clocks stopped working, a building fell apart, the sky went black... no thank you.

  2. Heh, that's such a weird dream! I've no idea what it might mean;) I usually get like 3 weird dreams a night all the time and I remember them all;) Sometimes I can't stop thinking about some of them although I never know what they might mean.

  3. Hi hun, that is an odd dream. My take is that sometimes our minds think of weird things at night that we have thought about the day before and jumble it all together. For example, maybe you were thinking about your mom and Harry Potter the day before, therefore your brain jumbles it all together and poof there's your dream! I think some dreams symbolize our hidden dreams and fears, but I think others are just plain random so don't take it to heart. ;)

  4. I've been having crazy dreams too. I hate when they are disturbing and you have to keep thinking about them! I've also had a world is ending dream. That is SUPER creepy!!

  5. How strange! I hope you get some restful sleep and good dreams soon :)


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