Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why Didn't They Recast Bella...

I heard about some interesting news about the third installment of the Twilight movies today.
Oh why couldn't have been that Kristen 'wet towel at the beach' Stewart was recast???
Looks like Rachelle Lefevre is out and Bryce Dallas Howard is in?? Turns out Rachelle had some scheduling conflicts because she is shooting a Dustin Hoffman film during the filming of Eclipse.
Seriously! Seriously? It doesn't even say she's starring in the movie so it doesn't make sense to me why she would drop out of Eclipse!! It seems to me like if you are blessed enough to be cast in a film that will be seen by millions and millions of people and make way more than that, then you stay put and drop everything else. Unless that wasn't the real reason for replacing her?
Either way I thought she did a good Victoria except for the fact that her hair was more strawberry blonde then fiery red. I can't see sweet innocent Bryce Dallas Howard being as intense and scary as it takes to pull off Victoria in the 3rd book but we shall see. Lameson (that is a term my friends and I use when someone or something is completely lame, stupid and/or a waste of time... pronounced lame-ah-son)

Lucky lucky girl


  1. I'm happy about Bryce! I really like her.

    I just can't deal with Kristen. UGHHH GO AWAY zzzzzz..zzzzz..zzzz


  2. I like the old Victoria....stupid decision on her part!

  3. They look pretty similar to me, but too bad they had to change actresses. Hope your day is going well love!

  4. I just heard about that today. Yeah, it's really too bad that can't recast Bella, Kristen Stewart is just plain weird.


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