Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why Not Love Yourself A Little More Today...

Hola Lovelies! A couple weeks ago I was wandering around blogland and I saw that Miss Brunette Bombshell was having a perfect body initiative. She wanted to know what made everyone's body perfect to them. This is something I, along with many of you i'm sure, have always struggled with.

I graduated high school weighing an extremely waify 110 pounds and I could eat a Geno's cheesesteak each night before I went to bed and never thought twice about it. Well 8 years later... ummm let's just say that is no longer the case. After this last breakup especially it is taking me awhile to get back to where I feel great in my denim cutoffs that I adore or skinny jeans that leave no room for breakup lbs.

I wanted to look at myself and pick some things that I always love about me for a change. I think that we often spend so much time putting ourselves down that it feels weird or awkward to actually love something and that's super sad to me. I know that is just the way our society works and while it seems that there is no stopping it anytime soon but sometimes you will come across a person who is so comfortable in their own skin (not in a stuck up i'm the shit kind of way) that it is a complete breath of fresh air.

So yesterday my response was posted and I thought I would share with all of you...

I love my eyelashes cause they are long and flirty

and i'll bat them to get my way:0)
Also my skinny feet since they allowed me to do ballet for 10 years and look really pretty with some pink polish!

I have since wanted to include one more thing...

"My heart because even though the poor thing has been dented, broken and smashed it still puts itself back together and waits with hope that one day it'll be put to use with someone who handles it very carefully with love."

I think there will always things about me that I think are a work in progress and there is nothing I can do about that but it felt good today to talk about the parts that I love.


  1. Even though there are things about yourself that you don't "love", you are still so pretty! Have a great day! =)

  2. ..'not in a stuck up i'm the shit kind of way'

    I LOVE this post! You're gorgeous girl!

  3. What a wonderful and upbeat post! Yes, it is always good to love yourself and realize that there is always something that won't be just right, but...we are only human and we have to do the best to love ourselves the best you can. You're beautiful darling!

  4. I found you again! Your blog got replaced with another one on my list! Looking forward to following!

  5. What a great post! And you're gorgeous by the way!

    I love my long, flirty eyelashes too and my beautiful blue eyes!

  6. I'm falling for you more and more, girl! ;) You are absolutely gorgeous! Keep doin' you!

  7. i love this! i'm going to reply too! thanks for sharing :)


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