Friday, June 12, 2009

Question #1...

Describe something someone has done to make you feel special.

Is it kinda sad that I had to think a long time about when the last time I felt special?? Don't get me wrong my life has a lot of great people in it it's just it's been kind of a lame time lately. I've decided to make a list of random little occurences that make me feel special because that has always meant more to me than some huge production.

1. My 1st Etsy sale - Yup i'm a nerd but it meant so much to me that someone loved something I made all by myself. I have spent a lot of time working on different pieces to make my shop have a wide range of things and for someone to decide to spend their money on it made me feel pretty special.

2. Maizey Monroe - She spends most of her time at my Momma's house because I just felt too guilty to leave her crated in my kitchen for 10 hours at a time while i'm at work. When I go to play with her, her little body wriggles around so excited the whole time i'm her. She is always trying to crawl in my lap with her binky (she sucks on her chewies like they are her pacifier, it's weird but it definitely calms her even when she's laying on her back). I just love her because she is the most loving and cuddly pup I have ever seen.

3. My birthday last year - Personally I believe my birthday should be considered a national holiday... however most people don't feel as strongly as I do. Last year my girlfriends threw me a birthday party where I felt super special the whole time. It was pink-themed of course and my friend Carlee made my favorite meal (rosemary chicken with carrots and yams sooo good!), they printed out pictures of me and put them all around the house (even on the bodies of other people) and I had a mini horse cookie cake (I love Rob & Big). I got so many fun presents and we just laughed and played games the whole time nothing over the top and expensive just hanging out with my friends which is my perfect kind of day.

So there's some special moments for you see it doesn't take much to make me feel happy!

P.S. While I was writing this little post, I got 2 orders on Etsy!! I feel so super special right now!!!!


  1. Congrats on the orders. I feel special every time I get an order or a new client; almost like GOD or the universe is looking after me.

  2. my pup makes me feel special too :) yay for etsy orders!!

  3. congrats! i'm sure there are many more to come :)

  4. Hey girl- my ex is harassing me on my blog so I am going to have to change my address. Email me to and I can give you the new address.

  5. I got my order today, I LOVE IT even more in person...I like the other one in there too, I can't wait to wear them. I will post pictures soon and hopefull do them justice and let everyone know where I got them from.


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