Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rachel vs. Scarlet Johanson...

Sometimes you are just having an annoying day and then you stumble across a picture like this and magically you can't even remember what bothered you in the first place...

Here some of what Ryan had to say...

On being a sex symbol:“If you take any of that seriously, you need to be euthanized, ASAP. There are moments when you can use that to your advantage. But it’s really embarrassing. I think I fear more than anything just sounding like a complete a—hole when I have to answer that question.”

On Jon & Kate:“I find that whole situation to be horrible and awful. Every time I see the headlines, I begin an inner hurricane of throwing up. I wanna see Jon & Kate Plus Eight, the Musical. Jon versus Kate. I wanna see four kids on one side, and four kids on the other, snapping menacingly to music as they walk toward one another.”

On favorite TV Show, A&E’s Intervention:“Real schadenfreude stuff. The first season or two is all about alcoholics and heroin addicts, but then as the seasons progress, they feel the need to sensationalize it a bit. So by Season 5, you get to people who are chemically unable to experience joy unless they’re smoking a cat, or something equally disturbing. I love it.”

On video games:I don’t really play video games. Is there a way to waste more f—ing time? The Internet’s enough. The last videogame I played was Ms. Pacman.”

Oh my god Ryan what a coincidence!! I love Intervention... maybe you can come over and we can watch a marathon and I can eat ice cream off your stomach?? This just makes my annoyance for Scarlet all that much more greater!


  1. does he not talk about Scarlett? urgggg THE NERVE!

  2. I heart Ryan! And I am following you again! :)

  3. uh can I have him and never let him go? he is too fine for words! HELLLLOOOOO

  4. Ha ha, too funny. Goodness, he looks so ripped up in this pic! I'm positively drooling right now! Thanks for the eye candy!


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