Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Question #5...

5.) Where would you like to be?

Yes i'm going out of order - I like to keep you guessing:0)

Hmm this is a hard question cause I don't know if it means literally or where would you like to be in your life? I'll start by saying on a beach somewhere with all my girlfriends laughing, drinking cocktails and eating all I want but still looking fabulous in my bathing suit and maybe meeting a tall dark and handsome man that makes me laugh wouldn't be so bad either.

In life I gotta say I really don't know, this time last year I was on a totally different path, basically the complete opposite. It really bugs me that I always have to come back to this situation, it was an incredibly sad thing that I know a lot of you can understand. I thought I was with the guy I loved and we were on our way to this happy little life that I always wanted, yeah we had problems but I thought we were gonna work hard and make it through. I am not that jump from boyfriend to boyfriend kind of girl but I like being with someone I care about and only them - I thought that's where I was but, I could not have been more wrong. Turns out that not only did we have issues from the past that I had to be the bigger person and get over but he just kept bringing new problems in as well - slutty skanky new problems.

So where does that leave me now that it is a year later, after the anger has faded (well most of it anyways) and I see things with a clearer head? I am trying to know better (or at least pretend to), I have decided that instead of focusing on the finding of an awesome guy, I am going to start working on the other parts of my life that I have been lacking in. My friend just told me that you know you are happy when you love your job, where you live and who you are with. I'm gonna stay in that order cause that's where I want to be. I'll let you know when I get the first one down... trust me i'm working on it. I know that the short amount of time that I have spent making my little etsy shop it has made me really happy and I feel focused on making it bigger. I just feel like i've spent enough time being sad and although life isn't perfect I want to let as much happy as I can in.

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