Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wait a sec did someone hear me complaining...

This is genius! I will admit that I am Queen of the Uncomfortable Shoe, I see a beautiful 4.5 inch heel and melt and forget all the pain that comes with them. I always think that I can run in them after a couple cocktails and I usually turn my ankle and fall on the ground or my feet hurt so bad that I just take them off completely and i'm left hobbling down the street.

Not soon enough I won't be!!

Rollasole ballet flats will soon be sold in a vending machine at local bars and clubs in the US. These ballet flats, already sold in several clubs across the UK, will cost about $7. They come rolled up in little balls and even include a matching bag to carry your heels in.

They also come in really adorable colors like Back to Black, Hi Ho Silver Lining, Gold Digger and this really pretty pink color that I didn't see the name for so I will call it Rachel's Thoughts Pink.


  1. OH MY GOD what an amazing idea!! im the same as you haha. and then i get hurt

  2. I wish I had thought of this! Two weekends ago I walked home from a bar with out shoes. It took a good 20 mins to get home too. I wish those shoes were available! What an innovative idea!


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