Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rachel vs. Maizey's Big Head...

*Update* Maizey is a ShihPom (shih tzu pomeranian) but technically her momma was a shihpom as well so Maizey is actually a ShihPomPom:0)
Ahh yes my darling Maizey has always been quite the attention grabber since she was a little puff of fluff. She is quite a unique little lady so people are always stopping to admire this blonde beauty and her raven haired sister Olive (who runs my sister's life). She has always lead a well documented life... Birth Announcement (they were the only 2 in the litter since her mommy was only 4lbs)

First day at the beach!

Car decals

1st Christmas Card

2nd Christmas Card

Loving the KaChewKee that was lovingly sent to her from FidosFunkFashion

Now she has her first blog post written about her! A couple weeks ago I spoke with Cathy from FidosFunkFashion and she asked if she could send Maizey one of her fabulous KaChewkee wrappers...

It’s a toy, a training tool and a dental hygiene aide all in one

♥HOW IT WORKS: Tie around a dog cookie and present it to your furry friend. Its a great tool for teaching your friend to take food nicely and not like an alligator. Rather than just inhaling the cookie your Fido will no doubt take their treat to some special spot and proceed to work on getting all of the cookie out. Spending minutes rather than seconds in enjoyment and activity.

WHY IT WORKS: KaChewKee Wrappers were developed with an animal behaviorist. They provide mental stimulation and an outlet for the instinctual need to dissect; involving problem solving, paws and teeth. They are a “brain exercise for dogs”. The combination of reward and activity when delivered with intention helps establish you as pack leader, the calm assertive force that nurtures and orders your dog's blissful existence. KW’s help maintain a healthy weight. They allow you to give smaller cookies without skimping on enjoyment. The 100% natural fibers massage gums and assist in dental health. When tossed in delight they do no damage.

Anyone who has a pup like mine knows that when a treat is given they often just inhale it before they even taste it! So as soon as I gave Maizey this she fell in love! Since Maizey was teeny she has always walked around with a chewy in her mouth like a pacifier so this was her new thing. Go on over and check out her blog about Maizey's adventures with her new KaChewKee!


  1. Your doggie is sooo cute. What kind of dog is she? Also, I will have to check out your Etsy, such a good idea for pups. Looks like you had fun at the beach with your pup!

  2. omg they are soooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what kinda dog is she!??!!

  3. Awww I love Maizy!!! She is just PRECIOUS!!! Give her a kiss on that cute lil nose of hers from me!!

  4. Maizy is adorable!

    I'll have to check out that chew toy.

  5. she's darling!! maizy & olive... TOO CUTE

  6. I don't have any dogs...but I have kids. And YES when you have a baby, it's your baby, whether it's a dog, cat, or an actual human being! She is adorable!!! Stopping by from sits!

  7. I'm curious too...what kind of a dog is she??? She's just soooo sweet!

  8. Oh my gosh...she is sooooo stinking cute that I can't even stand it!!! :)

  9. She is sooooooo stinking cute that I can't even stand it!!! :)

  10. Too cute! Makes me miss when my puppy was tiny and fluffly! Love your blog too

    Stopping by from SITS & wanted to invite you to our raffle proceeds go to putting smiles on the faces of those battling cancer :)

  11. She is just to die for!!! I can hardly stand the cuteness oozzzing from the screen! ;)

  12. Soooo stinkin ADORABLE!!!!

    What a great toy / treat too!

    Visiting from SITS! =)

  13. Very cute puppies! I just want to eat them up! Visiting from SITS. I see you like wine. so do I. Check out my blog I've got a great giveaway sponsored by Barefoot Wine

  14. Aww your lil girl is SUCH a cutie :)

  15. what a cool idea...I will have to check it out! she is so darling!!!


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