Thursday, March 26, 2009

A 1940s daydream...

I just re~watched Katy Perry's Thinking of You video for the umpteenth time because I can not get over the fashion. When I first heard the song on the radio I thought it was pretty but that was until I saw the video and became obsessed. Set in the 1940s it invokes a time period of pin curls, pill box hats and satin gloves. Don't get me wrong I am all for the women's movement - Solidarity Sister - but the girly girl inside me longs to live in a time where women were hyper-feminine and a t-strap heel was worn to vacuum. I know I know you don't have to tell me how ridiculous that sounds just enjoy the beautiful pictures!

Here is the cover of Vogue from April 1940

"The Vogue woman is instructed on how to handle welcoming back her husband home for leave from the war: "He likes to spend some evenings quietly at home; comfortable chairs; easy, idle talk. You in a dress with a sweeping feminine skirt and gentle colours: Worth's dinner dress – the skirt in linen, plaided blue, pink and magenta; the bodice in lilac angora discreetly banded with amethyst stones and sequins."

Casual window shopping....

draw a seam on the back of your legs to give the appearance of wearing stockings.

Ahh structured overcoats and capes....

A different hat for everyday of the week...

I would happily wear all of this everyday....

just to get a kiss like this.

Alright enough daydreaming i'm gonna go change a tire and my oil then drive back to my apartment that I pay for all by myself cause i'm a strong independent woman!!!


  1. What a different time and place. Thanks for a fun look back!

  2. i am loving all your posts!

    i left you a surprise on my blog

  3. Such great pictures...I love these old times, and the Vogue cover is fenomenal! Thanks for this post, love: Evi

  4. I, myself, lived a very vintage lifestyle for many years. Submerging yourself into a 'scene,' is a great way to access numerous resources to feed your current obsession.

    While most of my friends were considered "rockabillies," there was an element to that I didn't quite like. I don't have tattoos, and I'm not as crazy looking, I don't think. They referred to me as a "swing kid," because my style mostly rested in the 40's more than then 50's. I was also more conservative than most of the rockabillies.

    But I DID drive a '59 chevy pick up that I built with my dad, I was often spotted at the race track, and I was known to use a hair dryer/nail dryer case kit to get ready.

    So, m'dear, if you would like any advice on how to perfect that vintage WWII era look, I'd be happy to be your girl!

    -Tall Brunette


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