Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Keeps getting better...

Just sitting here watching Pineapple Express for the third time and really this movie just keeps getting better. It stars Seth Rogan (Dale Denton) and James Franco (Saul Silver). Perhaps it's the fact that I am deeply in love with Mr. Franco but also because it's hysterical. When he steals the police car and gets his leg stuck in the windshield i'll cry everytime! Definitely had to own this one. Enjoy the wisdom-filled dialogue below...
Saul: You know, don't get down on yourself: You got a great girl, you got a great job where you don't do anything, you get to smoke weed all day... I wish I had that...
Dale Denton: Are you kidd - you do, you have the easiest job on Earth. You DO smoke weed all day.
Saul: ...Hahaha, that's true!
Dale Denton: You didn't think of that, huh?
Saul: I do have a good job...
Dale Denton: Yeah, you do nothing!
Saul: Thanks, man!
Dale Denton: No problem.
Saul: Thank you.


  1. Love. Thatmovie! Phenomenal.really.

  2. haha!!! that movie was so great!!! i laughed the entire time!

  3. That movie is hilarious. I love the part where he gets his leg stuck too.

  4. Lol, I LOVED this movie! Cute blog :)

  5. I just saw this for the first time last night! HYSTERICAL. Cute blog! :)


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