Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Aww for the day

Just thought i'd take the time to introduce to you the queen of all fabulousness my fur baby Miss Maizey Monroe! She a shihpom (shih tzu pomeranian) and this is her the day I got her in November 07'. My friends and co-workers always enjoy a good Maizey picture so I thought all you puppy lovers out there would as well. Stay tuned for more photoshoots with her. Here is your aww for the day.


  1. She is really adorable! Hey I posted something for you over on my blog go check it out!

  2. Oh my God! Words can not describe how adorable this puppy is! I have seen one is Spain a couple of years ago but I don't speak spanish and they couldn't tell me the thanks thanks so much for this information!!!! Just one more question: How big she will be? I hope you going to post more pictures! She's absolutely amazing! Congratz!

  3. she is so precious! i want to nuzzle my monitor!

  4. i have a little pom too! they are just the cutest puppies!!!

  5. i have to say it....AAWWWWWW
    adorable....i want one

  6. Wow, she is so beautiful, will she become much bigger? I have a extra mini-yorkshire, she is like 1 kilo full grow, you can see here om my #active# blogg



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