Thursday, March 19, 2009

Assault with a cat??

Remember Project Runway Season 5 "darling" Kenley Collins? Well she was just arrested for assault and criminal possession of a weapon!
It's gets funnier... Apparently the victim of the attack was her sleeping fiance' Zak Penley (featured above)! Lovely Kenley (loves the rhyming names) came home to her Brooklyn apartment on Tuesday morning and assaulted him with a computer, 3 apples and their CAT!! Not sure which one of these things was considered the weapon but it's safe to say the cat probably did a lot of scratching while it was flying by poor Penley's sleeping body.
According to court documents Kenley told Penley "You're lucky... it could've been a lot worse".
Upon being released from jail this morning Kenley's only words were,
"It was a miscommunication. Fights happen and that's that. There is no case.".
Hmm yeah I can understand that fights between loved ones can get out of hand but usually it's because both parties are awake! Also, it is NEVER ok to use your animals as weapons NEVER EVER EVER ok - the fact that I even had to make that clear is ridiculous in itself. I just can't believe that the creator of that beautiful hand painted dress above is also a psycho... well yeah I can I saw her all season. Girl can still rock an embellished headband like no other though. Guess the world will never know Mrs. Kenley Penley. *sigh*


  1. Hi there.
    What a wacky story.
    Just stopping by via SITS to say hello.
    Have a great day!

  2. Hi Rachel!

    I am laughing so hard at that story! Who uses their poor cat as a weapon? That is terrible!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. She's crazy! I never liked her anyway and now I REALLY don't like her!

    Honestly, who throws a cat?

  4. sooo damn funny!!!...poor cat!

  5. She was the cat beater?!?! How did I miss that in today's Post?!

  6. Oh dear. That's such a ridiculous story. The poor kitten.

  7. Yeah she pretty much attacked him with everything in the house. She was always the emotional one on the show.

  8. OMG, tears are running down my face. Now I have a new threat for my husband, "Do NOT tick me off! The cat's in the next room and I know how to use him." LOL


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