Wednesday, March 18, 2009

For some reason (i'm not really sure why... could be that I didn't really like to share as child) I have a large pet peeve of wearing the same perfume as my friends. I mean if you're anything like me then you take your time picking a signature scent and then to have someone come along and go, "Oh you smell nice what is it?" and then they steal it?? Oh no no no! So for the past couple of years I have worn a fabulous perfume called Pink Sugar *shocker*. Now with it's sugary sweet smell it may not be for everyone some of its top notes include licorice, strawberry, cotton candy and vanilla so it can be a little strong if not applied correctly - I mean it a spray on the wrist and two on the neck and you're good to go for awhile but trust me it's lovely!
Anyways I came across this giftset on Sephora and it's called a carry-on set! After getting into a major fight with my ex-boyfriend at the airport 2 years ago for this very reason (how dare he want me to throw out a brand new bottle instead of just running the bag back down to the counter to check it??!!!). He ended up having to run the bag back because I refused, this is also the same guy who said I only needed 2 pairs of heels for a 4 day cruise (you can see why he's an ex)!!! I suggest this set for traveling it may just save you a fight at the security check and an embarassed guy running through the airport with a pink suitcase!
P.S. Why am I now deciding to let everyone know what perfume I wear??? May just have something to do with the fact that I recently found a new scent to love... nope won't tell!


  1. Sounds like a very pretty scent!

  2. I love this, I order some make-up from Sephora last year and they sent this in a sample pack and it smelled really good :) I hate sharing what perfume I wear also..

  3. I've been wearing this for a few years and then all of a sudden one day it seemed like at least three of my close friends were wearing it as well! It is that kind of scent that people take noticce of and ask what it is. I've even had random strangers ask what I am wearing so they can buy it for their wives. I still love it but I must admit that it has lost some of it's 'magic' now that some of my friends wear it! :)


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