Sunday, March 15, 2009

Flowers and jewels and headbands oh my!

I usually find myself lusting after a new accessory every couple of weeks or so, usually a giant cocktail ring right or a long pearl necklace... cause it makes a girl feel fancy. Right now my new must-have is an embellished headband, particularly a large flower a satin bow or dyed feather, but any will do. What I am not so in love with is how expensive this new love can become. Seriously, I just can't really justify spending $34 dollars on a headband right now and I know most of my friends can't either. So instead of denying myself this luxury I have decided to start making them myself. My first try at my new creative outlet was yesterday at my annual St. Pattys Pub Crawl aka The Best Day Ever IV. I found these beautiful paper flowers at a craft store and attached them to a thin satin headband I already owned. The result was adorable and pretty durable for paper, since I have a lot left over I will be making them available on here. Also, I spent the day searching and will have many more designs coming soon. Let me know what you think or if you have something in mind that you would like. Everything will be very affordable... or as I like to call it "Recession Chic".

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