Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sexy sexy...

Gracias again RachelSmiles

Now the rules:
List 5 things that sexy about myself and pass it on...
1. My dimples
2. My sense of humor
3. My ability to trip over anything, even things non-existent to the eye and still laugh at myself.
4. My shoes - the higher the better
5. My eyes - large with tons of lashes

Well that was fun and not too hard:o) Check out these sexy ladies...
1. Attractive Nuisance
2. Miss Eve
3. April's Wonderland
4. Love Maegan
5. That is all


  1. Oh Rachel this is so sweet, actually the best looking award I ever seen on blogger :-)This means I've got this award from you? So can I place it on my blog and I have to give it away for 5 person? If yes, than I just have to copy it from here? I'm sorry for a lot of question but I'm new on blogger and not sure :-) I see you figured out how to make the left sidebar...I wanted to help you but it's late :-) It's a lil' difficult yes? I was working 5 hours with place my left sidebar :-( Hope you have a great day dear Rachel, thanks a lot again, oh an congrats for your awards :-) Love and kisses: Evi

  2. aw, sexy sexy! Thanks! ...and congrats!

  3. Congrats on all your awards. And Thanks for your compliment on my reflection photo! BTW, that photo of Edward a few posts back actually makes me a little hot all over, LOL!

  4. Congratulations :) you deserve it :)

  5. Thanks again dear Rachel! I was giving away the award and placed it to my blog...I'm so happy :-) Hope you have a great weekend, love: Evi

  6. Congrats on your your blog...stopping by with some SITS love...and noticed your in my neck of the woods....

  7. Hehe the sexy blogger award huh!

    I like that the things you list as sexy are mostly non physical. Sense of humor, personality and taste in shoes haha!

  8. Well I think that sexiness comes from within most of the time and the right shoe is always sexy!!


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