Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cuddle Parties?

In honor of April Fools I have decided to dedicate today's posts to things that really seem like they should be a joke...
I was flipping through the channels the other day and saw a, what I think is disturbing, story on the news...
Cuddle parties - a sleepover for grownups where even though the pjs stay on the whole time you still are allowed to cuddle, nuzzle and spoon complete strangers.
"This is a way of framing touch in a positive way," says cuddle party facilitator Edie Weinstein-Moser.
It starts off by everyone sitting in a circle and introducing themselves and going over the rules, like everyone must ask permission before cuddling someone. When everyone is clear it begins. Usually lasting about 3 hours it's apparently a way of letting adults achieve better intimacy and communication.
Alright... who the hell is going to these things??? Am I the crazy one who thinks this is completely creepy? The thought of going into a room of complete strangers in their pjs is weird enough but then being expected to spoon them??


  1. I was curious where you were able to find your darling puppy..I want to get a chocolate one..

  2. Though I understand the sentiment that human touch is healing and powerful - I also find cuddle parties with strangers completely creepy. Then again, I'm not a huge fan of random touching...

  3. I checked and it's like shihpoms don't even exsist!! SAD :(

  4. Just weird! I can't believe people do this.

  5. It may work for some people, but having a totaly stranger cuddle me would skeeze me out.

  6. {AWKWARD}

    I don't even like being touched by people I know!

  7. No way in hell, I'd get snuggle-trapped by Mr. I Don't Believe in Deoderant and his hippie girlfriend. Nope, not happenin!


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