Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rachel vs. her keychain...

I finally went grocery shopping the other day and when I handed over my keychain, I was kinda grossed out at myself when I saw that most of the cards were dirty, bent and slightly chewed (not by myself but rather a fluffy 6lb blonde who shall remain nameless). So it was like grocery fate that the next morning I was watching news and they did a story about this website! is a website that lets you put up to 6 of your store discount cards onto one tiny little card instead of lugging around all of them at once. Now it's free to actually do the service but if you need them to ship you a laminated copy they charge a processing fee.

P.S. I know my picture doesn't actually have anything to do with keychains or discount cards but when I googled pink keys that's what came up and I loved it so much I just went with it.


  1. This picture is amazing, and it reminds me of these that I just came across today when searching for something for my blog:

    I think I'd rather go with that bag than the keyboard earrings, though :)

  2. I am dying to know... What does a purse like that cost?

  3. I went to the makers website

    The bag costs 158 eur
    158 Euros = 209.3816 U.S. dollars

  4. Stopping by from SITS. Wow!! What a great idea and that bag definitely kicks butt!

    PS- I noticed your Phillies/Eagles and SIC stuff in the sidebar. I do not typically reveal my location on my blog (for whatever weird reason) but I am a die hard EAGLES girl, Phils Phan and an OCNJ lover. ;) Love your blog- I'll be back!

  5. I see you've been around for a little over a month, welcome to the Blogosphere.

    CUTE BAG TOO! I thought my can tab purse was the "cool thing". Not anymore.

    I found ya over @ 20sb. I saw you're from Blackwood. Unless there is more than one Blackwood in NJ, then I think you're real close to me. (You never know with Jersey. Bellmawr? Belmar?)


  6. Hmm...not sure I would pay $200 for that bag, but I would probably pay to put all those little plastic things onto one small card :)


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