Friday, April 3, 2009

Meet Dumb Criminal's cousin... Dumb 911 Caller

I often enjoy reading about dumb criminals, they make me laugh with their illegal ways and completely idiotic attempts at trying to cover it up. However, I recently have expanded my enjoyment to dumb 911 callers. The video above was played all over the news because it was just too funny to be true... but it was. A woman called 911 not 1 but 3 times because her local McDonalds was out of chicken mcnuggets... yep nuggets. I could tell you the rest but the video does it so much better. Police eventually came and arrested the woman! They charged her with inproper use of 911. McDonalds later refunded the woman and offered her a free mcnuggets meal on them (which is what they should've done in the 1st place!!).

Now this guy is pretty awesome, he is off having a great time driving his brand new Ferrari and gets lost... what is he to do but call 911. The 911 dispatcher answers the call and tries to find out where he is when he finally lets her know that he is actually ON the train tracks and a train is coming. Now I don't know about you but I wouldn't have to be told by the dispatcher to get out of the car I would have done it promptly by myself. Please enjoy...


  1. The McDonalds 911 call has gotten so overplayed, but when you think about it, I think it makes sense. Being that the only food I eat at McDonalds if they said, they were out and would give me a Hamburger instead. I wouldn't want it and would want my money back. If they refused to give me my moeny back without a lot of other options I would call the police. Problem is, I don't know the number for a non-emergency police call. If I did call 911, I would try to explain that it wasn't an emergency but that I had pretty much been robbed by McDonalds. I'm sure she probably sreamed something about McNuggets and they hung up on her, so she had to call back. An bad situation that was handled poorly by everyone.

  2. Yes it was an extremely poorly handled situation but the lady should've also used common sense and realized it was definitely not an emergency! She spoke with the operator 3 different times and explained the situation each time. All she had to do what call 1-800-FREE-411 or text google to find out the number. Shame on McDonalds too cause that's just crazy.


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