Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hump Day List...

I was checking out one of my favorite fellow bloggers Miss RachelSmiles this morning and she had filled out this list so I wanted to give it a try. Here we go...

Current obsession- esty (I could spend hours on there looking at my fellow competition and buying vintage and pretty cabochons!)

Weirdest obsession- buying cereal on sale ~ it makes so annoyed how much cereal costs so whenever it's on sale I gotta buy it even though I don't eat it everyday. I probably have about 8 or 9 boxes in my tiny kitchen right now.

Wearing today- Jeans, leopard flops to match my leopard headband with a red rose (made by yours truly) and a flowy purple off the shoulder top

Favorite comfort food- pretty much anything fatty like mac and cheese, movie popcorn, fried chicken, pasta with ricotta cheese, chocolate... you get the point

What would make today special- if I won the lottery :) (definitely keeping RachelSmiles answer!)

You'd like to learn to do- use a sewing machine ~ I really want to start making my own clutches I just don't want to have to hand sew everything.

Last thing you bought- groceries my fridge was empty!

Listening to right now- the sound of an extremely annoying person at my work crack and pop her gum... UGH she does it all day long and it makes my blood run cold! I'm putting my earbuds in as I type...

Favorite weather- sunny and 70

Most challenging goal now- finding a new job where I don't go there and hate my day

Anywhere to live- San Diego but only if I could bring my family and friends along with me

Want in your hands now- money money money

Like to get rid of- my credit card bill

Anywhere for an hour- anywhere with my friends and a glass of wine

Language to learn- Spanish because my parents speak it and I get jealous

Look for in a friend- humor, honesty and loyalty

Meet in person- Patricia Fields (costume designer from Sex and the City) I am so fascinated by her and everything she touches and I just want to see a typical day for her.

Favorite type of music- pop/ rock anything I can shake to!

Favorite clothing owned- my pink and black rose dress by Marc Jacobs. I got it from Ebay for super cheap and I always feel so fancy in it!

Dream job- to own my own accessories and shoe boutique

Favorite model- Adriana Lima ~ she is just too gorgeous!

$100 to spend on- Shoes!!

Favorite designer- Betsey Johnson she is truly pink and fabulous!

Pet peeve- Liars

Who do you admire- My Momma

Personal style- anything girly and pink/vintage/trendy/leopard print

Favorite beauty product- 4 way tie between lipgloss/concealer/mascara/blush

Change 1 thing about you- I can often give the wrong person too many chances

Favorite color- Pink of course!!

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