Friday, April 10, 2009

Florida Criminals Get Got...

This story made my Friday morning.

"APRIL 9--A Florida woman who used a live Internet video feed to monitor the interior of her home was shocked yesterday when she saw two men burglarizing her residence in real time. Jeanne Thomas, 43, was seated at her office desk when two strangers appeared in her living room (the intruders got into Thomas's Boynton Beach house through a doggie door at the rear of the home). Thomas, who set up the live video stream after her home was burglarized last October, immediately called 911 to report the burglary. Cops raced to her home and arrested the two men inside the house: Curtis Williams, 20, and Steven Morales, 19. Two other suspects--Scott George and Jonathan Cruz, both 20--were nabbed at a nearby residence and charged with helping plan the burglary. "

Ha this is awesome to me! The fact that there are such scumbag people out there that are perfectly fine with stealing other's hard earned money and possessions makes me sick. My debit card information was stolen a couple years back and I remember feeling like crap that there is someone out there spending MY money! Good for you Jeanne Thomas and congrats for setting up that web cam, also it must be fun to see what your doggies are doing all day when you're gone too!


  1. Oh that is great!! Definitely a way to stop them in their tracks! I love your blog! Saying hi from SITS!

  2. This is awesome :-) I hope you have a wonderful Easter time dear Rachel, love: Evi


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