Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rachel vs. The Meatheads...

So last night I did something amazing... I went to the gym! Ok I get that it's a normal thing and most of you do it several times a week but not this girl. This girl pays for gym memberships with every intention of going only to be pursuaded to not go by anyone who has something even remotely interesting to do. Lately however I have realized that I can no longer go to Geno's at 2am and still feel cute in my skinny jeans the next day.

So last night in the pouring rain I trekked my soon-to-be toned butt to the gym to meet my friend Holly. First of all let me tell you that it was insanely packed, which I get everyone works during the day so 6:30pm would be a primetime to excercise. After 25 minutes on the treadmill we wanted to use the weights and what we discovered was a bunch of meatheads standing around them and instead of using them just talking and being sweaty.

Now this is what really makes me annoyed about the gym. When I go there I want to get my workout done and over with, I am not one of those people who goes to the gym to socialize. We ended up using some of the arm machines instead of the free weights because I gotta say the thought of going up to the giant men and making them move was intimidating. Would you have done something different? My friend Carlee loves acting like one of the boys at the gym and I know she would've pushed herself right inbetween them and gotten her workout on.
So that's my gym annoyance for the day i'm sure I will have another one tomorrow cause I will be returning tonight and I am determined to use a free weight!


  1. That's a great someecard.

  2. I agree with the working out part, I hate going to the gym because its a friggen meat market. Everyine looks you up and down like your speed dating or something haha.

  3. I dislike the gym for that very same reason. Luckly the pool is that way, you can swim lap after lap without bumping into "meatheads" chatting it up.

    Have a nice Tuesday!

  4. It's funny how differently men and women work out. Women try to focus, stay out of each other's way and don't want to look foolish.
    Men grunt, and stare at women's butts.

  5. This always gets on my nerves at my gym too! You're totally right, it's awkward to confront people at the gym, esp. when some people thinks it's a social scene. I'm definitely guilty of giving passive aggressive dirty looks at the gym, as much as I hate to admit it.

  6. Don't let the meatheads deter you! Just get your butt in the mix and stick with it:)

  7. I know exactly what you mean!

    Alot of people go to the gym to show off how good they look and for 'hooking up'. I go to the gym because I want to get my workout over with. I never understood why people would want to hangout at the gym ...

  8. i definitely get intimidated at the gym - particularly with the guys. but then again, i barely go to the gym anyway...
    good for you for finding the inspiration!!

  9. Good for you! Don't let the meatheads freak you out.

    Stop by and visit Mom.


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